Elko General Merchandise/Anacabe's Store

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Ranchers - Buckaroos - Shepherds - Poets - Miners -
Construction Workers - Sportsmen - Tourists

Elko General Merchandise, also known as Anacabe's Store
has been owned by the Anacabe family since 1936!

We've been at the same 416 Idaho Street location in downtown Elko, Nevada every since.
If you're a tourist you have to stop in!

You'll love the old style store to show the children what stores used to look like.

Plenty of Elko, Nevada
and Basque souvenirs.

Send us an E-mail if you have any questions or you can find us on Facebook.

Go to our site on the Elko Chamber of Commerce site

Se habla Espaņol also Euskeraz Mintzatzen Da

What is Basque you say? Here's our tribute to the "National Basque Festival" held in Elko the weekend closest to the 4th of July and to the Basque people (Euskaldunak) here and links to Basque sites around the world.

"National Basque Festival"

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Elko General Merchandise Co., Inc.-also known as Anacabe's Store

See what "The Nevada Complete Traveler" has to say about
Anacabe's Elko General Merchandise.





Elko General Merchandise Co.
416 Idaho Street
Elko, NV 89801-3714

If dialing within the Elko calling area.
If out of the Elko free toll area dial:
Toll free 1-800-821-ELKO
1(775)738-9382 (fax)


Revised May 2013